Official InformationEdit

(This is from an older version of the website. Info may no longer be accurate.)

Name: Yuu 裕
Gender: Male
Birthyear: Wayward Era 8

Yuu is a wandering ghost and can only be seen and heard by people who knew him while he was alive. He has no physical body and cannot touch anything. Yuu permanently retains the appearance of his 14-year-old self, the age when he died.


  • Yuu would have died in year 22 of the Wayward Era
  • Yuu is wearing the traditional triangular headband of a ghost in Japanese folklore. He also wears completely white clothing.
  • Yuu is seen in other pictures looking older and dressed completely in black
  • Yuu appears in both Shigen and Shift
  • Yuu is a ghost at some point and a shinigami at another point
Yuu alive

Yuu's appearance when he was alive.


  • Yuu is part of some time-traveling group
  • Yuu is a shinigami when dressed in black
  • Yuu pressured Rai into leaving Fuu

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