Official InformationEdit

Name | Ukyou / 烏京
Nickname | Uki
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 10
Style | Mid-range Magic
Specialty | Explosives

Uki is a spontaneous, flashy, and confident boy. He adores thrill and excitement both in and out of battle, takes pride in making others laugh, and rarely takes anything seriously. He earned himself a reputation as a prankster in Ginsenkei. Uki's tools of choice are explosives and his typical plan of action is to blindly rush in, leaving a trail of explosions in his wake. Though he has a gift for strategizing, he rarely uses it.



  • Ukyou's name 烏京 means "raven" and "capital"
  • Uki often wears goggles during missions
  • Uki and Tel wear matching earrings
  • Uki wears a gold leaf-shaped necklace
  • Uki is Haru's 2nd-in-command in the Militia


  • Uki wears a necklace like Niyou's. The two also look similar and have the same birthyear. They may be twin brothers.
  • Uki might be related to Raitou or the Tamago twins
  • Uki is related to Hakua - both have "raven" in their name
  • Uki is spying on the Militia for the Talos Clan. He will later betray Haru.
  • He and Taiki are actually really good friends who knew each other before the time of Ginsenkei

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