Official InformationEdit

Name | Toume / 東瑪
Gender | Female
Birthyear | Wayward 11
Style | Mid-range Combat
Specialty | Poisons

Toume comes from a family of hired assassins. She is by nature a gentle and soft-spoken girl. Raised to follow in the family trade, Toume is emotionally-detached when following orders, and views the world from an objective point-of-view. Toume is a skilled mixer of poisons, antidotes, and medicines. She is decisive and ruthless in battle, striking silently and lethally with a blowgun. She also has a high tolerance of pain and is immune to things that make most squeamish.


  • Toume has a brother named Tougen
  • Toume's name 東瑪 means Eastern Agate. The "tou", meaning East, is probably a family tradition.
  • In the old website, Toume joins the Rangers at some point in time, bringing up some conflict as to how she was able to, as the Rangers is a male-only organization. No official word has been said about this yet.
  • The name of Toume's assassins family is Azumaya.
    • There is a mountain named Azumaya (四阿山 - one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains) lying on the border of the Nagano Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture, but considered to be in the Kanto region, in the Gunma Prefecture. Appropriate, since Kanto literally means "East of the Barrier".
    • Should Azumaya be written as 東屋 (Eastern Cottage) then Toume would share her surname with Goro Azumaya, the Japanese mathmetician who introduced the notion of Azumaya algebra.
      • "Azumaya" is also the title of a chapter (chapter 50) of The Tale of Genji, written with the same kanji.
  • Toume loses her left eye at some unknown point in time. We're not sure when (though most likely before Militia time), but she does.


  • Toume and Nobu may be a romantic couple
  • Toume loses her eye during a mission, some point in time after Kuroga dies.
  • Toume is an Assassin's Guild member
  • Toume killed her own family in the past