Era systemEdit

Parashi date is kept in Eras of 50 years.

Currently known eras:
[???] -> Perennial Era -> Wayward Era -> [?????] -> Contra Era -> [???]

Paradox Shigen takes place in Wayward Era.
Paradigm Shift takes place in Contra Era.

The two are separated by about 300 years.

Calendar systemEdit

The creators have said that months will have different names, but years are more or less the same as the real world's. The 4 seasons remain the same.

Important eventsEdit

Creation of the Four SectorsEdit

  • Period: Unknown. Centuries before Wayward Era

The Fuwa Sector's Expulsion from the AllianceEdit

  • Period: Unknown.
  • Fuwa Sector was demolished.

Current Talon King's CoronationEdit

  • Period: Unknown.
  • The previous Monarch was Queen Kawasemi

Outlawing of the Fuwa SectorEdit

  • Period: late Perennial Era - early Wayward Era

Akatonbi's assault on ArkaEdit

  • Period: late Perennial Era - early Wayward Era

The SiegeEdit

  • Period: Wayward Era
  • A siege by rebels on Argenfluo

Creation of GinsenkeiEdit

  • Period: Wayward Era, after the Siege
  • Ginsenkei was created to protect Argenfluo following the Siege

Fall of Ginsenkei and Rise of MilitiaEdit

  • Period: Wayward Era
  • According to the old site, Haru led a force that toppled Ginsenkei and he reinstated the Militia in its place