Official InformationEdit

Tenrou 天郎

Nickname | Ten
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 9

Tenrou is a wanted outlaw and is constantly on the run. He is a master of diversion and escape, aided by his ability to create steam. Ten carries a set of dirks but is able to effectively make use of anything on hand.

An eccentric person, Ten has a morbid sense of humor and a lack of common etiquette. He has a tendency to show up in unexpected places, and often makes improper remarks in a deadpan tone of voice. He has an attraction to shiny objects and thinks it is normal behavior to simply take things and walk away with them. Ten also suffers from a severe fear of birds.

Tenrou carries a Karakasa everywhere and rides an unruly Forsh, which tries to eat him at any given opportunity. His idol is the famous pirate/outlaw Akatonbi, and he dreams of meeting her.


Niyou - Ten and Niyou once underwent training together.


  • Ten has a twin sister. Her name is not known, but it most likely starts with 天.
  • Ten was taken from home at the age of five.
  • Ten has ornithophobia
    • As it turns out, the birds that he's afraid of are the "jumpy, flighty" ones. Not much difference, since 80% of the avian species are the "jumpy, flighty" birds to begin with. May or may not include Fuu.
  • Ten wears a row of earrings on his left ear
  • Ten wears the Kurohyou robe despite being an ex-member
  • Ten is a kleptomaniac like Niyou
  • He has a high tolerance for alcohol and will act the same drunk or not.
  • In the old website, his profile had said that he had trained as an assassin for a decade. Since he had been doing so since he was taken away at the age five, it would be safe to assume that he had become an outlaw at the age of fifteen.


  • Ten's fear of birds was caused by an encounter with bird-Fuu
  • Ten is the ancestor of Raine
  • Ten has a romantic interest in Kou