Official InformationEdit

Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 9
Style | Mid-range Magic
Specialty | Tunneling, Trapmaster

Tel comes from the Towa Clan. He is bold, friendly, and a frequent collaborator in his partner Uki's pranks. He is a diligent, responsible leader, and completely fearless in face of danger. His powerful earth magic allows his Unit to burrow beneath defenses during infiltration, as well as creates emergency shields when Uki loses control of his bombs mid-battle. Tel is also an expert at devising and laying traps.


  • His name most likely comes from tellus, the Latin word for 'earth'. In fact, Tellyth even sounds like tellus if you add a lisp to it.
  • Tellyth comes from a high-ranking Towa family
  • Tellyth has a younger brother named Tiel
  • Tel often wears goggles during missions
  • Uki and Tel wear matching earrings
  • Tel likes to carve patterns on cylindrical things. He does this all over Ginsenkei's tree trunks, table legs, and pillars.
  • Early character designs depict him with blue hair.


  • Tel is a shinigami
  • Tel ran away from Ginsenkei. In the video you see him looking angry and then Uki looking sad. Later in the video, you see Tel wrapped up, as if hiding.
  • Tel might have died during his Ginsenkei days. In the Ginsenkei AMV video, you see him injured and Uki lying in bed looking emotionless, maybe in grief for his friend.
  • Given his name, he might not actually come from a high-ranking family, but the high-ranking family in Towa.
  • He has some sort of relation to Eian - besides being from the Towa clan, they both resemble each other a bit (if, you know, Tel was a little older and got rid of that head thing on his head).