Known InformationEdit

  • "Tatsumaki" (竜巻) means "tornado" or "dragon swirl". It is not her real name.
  • Her birthyear is Perennial 29
  • She has blue hair and blue or green eyes
  • She has a kasa with 4 clasps - she would be 2nd Seat of the Guild
  • Her cloak bears the Lunar Corps symbol - she is a Lunar Corps soldier
  • She's wearing crescent moon earrings, which later on are inherited by Shin and Akatonbi, one for each and both on their left ears.


  • Tatsumaki is Akatonbi
  • Tatsumaki is Shin's mother
    • Shin wears those 4 clasps on his necklace
    • Shin also wears a single, half-moon earring on his left ear which may have been one of Tatsumaki's
    • They look alike and have the same hair and eye colors
  • Tatsumaki is a Fuwajin
  • Tatsumaki is Ryuu's mother - both have "dragon" in their name
  • Tatsumaki is probably Haru's mother: in the scrap called "mother", there are Tatsumaki and a little child who looks very like Haru.

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