Official InformationEdit

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Real names: Tatsuen (male) & Kyuusei (female)

Codename: Tamago

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 16

Kyuusei is the older sister and Tatsuen the younger brother.

Twins Kyuusei and Tatsuen spent their childhood years wandering the streets, stealing what they had to to survive. Intelligent and crafty, the Tamago twins are street-smart and "well versed" in the ways of the world. Both of the twins enjoy drinking aloe juice.

Kyuusei is the slightly more mischievous twin of the pair, often the initiator of pranks. Kyuusei is also somewhat bolder than her sibling, enjoying physical confrontation more than her twin. Tatsuen is the milder twin, typically following along with Kyuusei's mischief. Of the two, Tatsuen has superior planning and strategizing abilities.


  • "Tamago" means egg. The twins carry a bag with a design of an egg.
  • The Tamago twins are half Drakonian and half Gryphane
  • Their headband have the Lunar Corps emblem
  • Tamago is a part of Jericho Army at some point in time
  • Tamago are impossible to tell apart; even their voices sound exactly the same
    • And the only way to tell them apart is by stripping them. Which will lead to disasterous results, of course, but all the while worth it to be able to tell them apart from then on.


  • The Tamago twins are the reincarnations of Niyou and Ryuuto.
    • They have silver hair (like Niyou), purple eyes (like Ryuu), similar bandanas to both of them, and use the same weapons.
  • The Tamago twins are the reincarnation of Niyou and Ukyou, who may also be twins.
  • The Tamago twins are descendants of Niyou.
    • Niyou's bandana bears a variation of the Lunar Corps emblem and the each halves is with the Tamago Twins.
  • The Tamago twins are actually Tamago triplets, the 3rd brother is Niyou and he time-traveled to Shigen time.
  • The Tamago twins are connected to Skeiron.
  • The Tamagos were the ones who cut Rai's arm off after (accidently or otherwise) stripping them.