Official InformationEdit


Name | Taiki / 大輝
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 10
Style | Long-range Magic
Specialty | Elemental Magic

Taiki is the next heir to the Talos throne and grew up in the Imperial Palace at Arka. He is a serious, responsible person with a natural air of authority, and is a respected and proficient leader. Taiki is well-educated about all aspects of court politics and warfare, but has little experience with "commoner" culture and everyday situations. He often draws absurd comparisons to warfare in order to understand new things. Taiki wields the powerful elemental magic of his bloodline.


  • Taiki's younger brother is Hyouki
  • Taiki's father is Sewa, the current Talon king
  • Taiki is betrothed
  • Taiki's name means "great splendour"
    • Taiki's name could be in reference to Surya, a Hindu sun deity whose name more or less means the same thing ("Supreme Light"). Both he and Surya have a (assuming) servant with the name of Aruna, after all.


  • Taiki's bandages hide an injury significant to the plot
  • His bandages are merely accessory.
  • Someone tried to assassinate Taiki as a child
  • Taiki's mother is Kawasemi
  • Mikichi is Taiki's big brother