Known InformationEdit

Stormrider by bassara-d51sanc.png
Name: ???

Codename: Stormrider

Clan: Gryphos Clan

Stormrider was a famous Sky Knight and a great hero admired by all to Gryphanes. It's implied that he's dead by the time he is first mentioned in the story. According to the "drabble" written about him, it seems as though he was a idealistic revolutionary hero whose ideals slowly but surely became reality, but at the same time he couldn't live to see it.

His LegendEdit

"He was the best of us. The 'glue' that held us together, you could say. He loved the world that hated us. And in time, they came to love him back. When they finally acknowledged us and called us 'heroes', we all just scoffed bitterly at such wavering opinion. Heroes today. Villains tomorrow. We found little worth in their silly short-lived admiration, but he was different. In striving to live up to the ideal, he dragged us along into his world. The world where lies told in dire situations became the truth and where things like "faith" and "hope" were more than empty words.

And just for a while, he made us believe that we, too, could be heroes."