Official InformationEdit

Name | Souji / 宗次
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 7
Style | Long/Mid-range Combat
Specialty | Sniper, Beastmaster

Souji comes from a renowned tribe of animal-breeders. Their stock is used worldwide. He is a quiet, stoic, but rather quirky person, his hobbies including playing an assortment of musical instruments, sewing hand puppets, and naming things after himself. He is a master sniper with the sling and the bow, and travels with 3 beast companions. His dog-like hat is called Soumaru.


  • Souji's beast companions are a Tigrolf (tiger-wolf), a Raccat (raccoon-cat), and a Hawken (chicken-hawk)
    • In the old website, their names were once "Souichi", "Souya" and "Soutaka" respectively. However, Nuri has once stated in her formspring that Souji's pets have different names. Whether this refers to his beast companions or that he has other pets at home is uncertain but makes this information somewhat uncanonical regardless.
  • Souji can play the flute, panflutes, and mandolin, among other possible instruments
    • All members of Unit 3 are good at singing.
  • Souji's Ginsenkei roommate is Kuroga
  • Souji wears a Ranger uniform in the Ginsenkei video
  • Souji knew Kuroga and Senma before joining Ginsenkei
  • Kuroga lived with Souji's family
  • He and Senma are family friends
  • Souji possesses earth magic.
  • Souji gets married in-story.


  • Souji got a silver ring from Gin while Haru got a jade ring.
  • Souji marries Tsuyu and their descendants are the Kitsune Clan, including Inferno.
  • Soumaru is alive
  • Souji's reincarnation is Inferno
  • Souji may have a crush on Naebi. He may have been the one who gave her that cat hat she wears and Inferno shows signs of attraction to Aurora.

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