Known InformationEdit

  • His name is 春藍, meaning "spring" and "indigo"
  • His birthyear is Perennial 38
  • He has red, slitted eyes and blond hair
  • He wears the Kurohyou robe
  • He has some sort of bladed weapon on his back
  • He has either markings, tattoo, or bandages on his face


  • Shunran is an elf - he has the eyes
  • Shunran is Haru and Ryuu's father
    • He has blond hair like Haru
    • His and Haru's name both have the character for spring (春)
    • Haru is seen with red slitted eyes in the Ginsenkei video
    • The straps on his clothes are similar to those on Ryuu's
  • Shunran's wife is Saha
  • Shunran is related to Mikichi
    • Both have similar cheek coverings
  • Shunran may have been in a relationship with both Saha and Tatsumaki, having been shown in pictures of his closeness to them both. As a result, Haru and Ryuu may have had seperate mothers, making them half brothers.