[Shirohato] 白鳩
Rsz white dove by nuriko kun-d38gh3l

Real name | Unknown

Gender | Female

Position | ?

Another pirate in the Karura Pirate crew. Not much is known about her. She possesses magic power.


  • Her codename means "White Dove".
    • She shares the same color of her codename with Hakua. So far, "White" is the only color presented twice among the pirates.
  • She has this strange affinity for gold rings, since a numerous amount of them are found all over her clothing.
  • Her hairstyle is suspiciously similar to Saha's.


  • She may be a Hiwajin or at least have Hiwajin blood; she has golden eyes like that of a Hiwajin, possibly explaining her magic, which may or may not be fire magic.
  • She is Hakua's wife.
    • She may be the mother of Ukyou and Niyou, if we go along with the theory that they're brothers. It was stated by Nuri once that Nyo had gotten his golden eyes from his mother, which Shirohato has. It would also explain the fire magic affinity for the three of them. ...And their habit of wearing numerous amount of gold jewelry, I suppose.
  • She may be the mother of Nashiki. They both have the same hair and eye color, similar color scheme of their clothing and fire magic abilities (possibly). However, this theory would be debunked if the statement about Nashiki being an orphan is genuinely true.

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