Official InformationEdit


Name | Shion 紫穏
Nickname | Shishi 獅子 (lion)
Gender | Female
Birthyear | Wayward 6
Style | Mid-range Combat
Specialty | Small Projectiles

Shion is the next successor of the Shiseirei Family. She has vast connections in the merchant world and underground networks. Shion is a vivacious, assertive tomboy with a deceptively youthful appearance. She loathes whiners and cowards, and is merciless towards the inept. Her personality earned her the nickname "shishi" (lion). Shion is able to read lips and is well-versed in the arts of dehabilitation, extortion, and psychological torture. Shion typically acts as Senma's "eyes", holding his arm and directing him through subtle changes in grip.


  • Shion has intricate tattooing on her back and arms
  • Shion has an infinity tattoo
  • Shion is an Assassin's Guild member
  • Shion has high alcohol tolerance
  • Shion is skilled with the katana
  • Shion is an only child
  • Her Ginsenkei roommate is Toume. Their room have frequent spontaneous combustions, beating even Uki and Tel in having their room explode (they come in second place). It is unexplained why other than the reason being that they just share the room together.
  • Call her a "beast", "meat", "pig" or "deer" or something and her nickname will still sound the same. (猪 - "shishi")
  • Her hairstyle looks suspiciously similar to Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi, a favorite series of the creators. The only difference is that Chiriko is a little boy in a kimono who wishes (very hard) to be a "manly man", while Shion is a little girl that likes to wear practical clothes who's behavior is up to par with the entire male cast. Perhaps a Fushigi Yuugi/Parashi crossover dream crossed Nuri's mind once.


  • The Shiseirei Family is yakuza-like.
    • The Shiseirei Family is a matriarchy.
      • (Note: This is just a joke, okay?) Thus, "Shiseirei" is written as 雌性令 ("female command").
  • She and Senma maybe have a falling out, as seen in the Ginsenkei video

    An older Shion, possibly at her taken place as head of her family.