Official InformationEdit

Name | Senma / 千間
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 6
Style | Long/Mid-range Combat
Specialty | Air Field

Senma is the eldest and blind son of the Ranger chief and once a top notch archer. Despite a severe disadvantage in combat, he possesses brilliant induction skills, eloquent and persuasive speech, and a natural understanding of human minds and natures. He has also honed his hearing senses and can discern lies through a person's tone and breathing. Senma is able to temporarily cast a skill called the "Air Field", which allows him to sense everything in his perimeter and thus "see".


  • Senma is left-handed
  • Senma is blind, but not born blind; as his profile implies, "he was once a top-notch archer" and his blindness was acquired in an accident some time in his past.
  • Senma's younger brother is Takema
  • Senma is popular among the girls.
  • Senma likes to sing
  • Surprisingly, Senma can beat Shion in an arm-wrestling contest.
  • He and Souji are family friends (and by proxy, Kuro's as well). The fact is hinted at whenever Souji wears the same uniform as Senma usually does i.e. the Rangers uniform, a sign that they are both involved in the organization. Of course, just being in the same group does not really count as being family friends, but since they have this kind of relationship in canon, one can assume that their fathers were probably friends in the Rangers, resulting in the two growing up together.


  • Senma and Shion may be a romantic couple.
  • Senma is seen fighting Souji in the Ginsenkei video. It is unknown why as he joins the Militia as well; perhaps because of a reason regarding Souji, since he is seen mainly rejecting him, possibly against the idea that Souji should be worthy of joining the Militia as well, let alone being one of the division captains.
  • His father might look down on him due to his blindness.

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