Official InformationEdit

(This is from an older version of the website. Info may no longer be accurate.)

Real name: Skye

Codename: Ravage

Birthyear: Contra Era Year -3

Ravage was born to an illustrious family within the Drakonii capital. Due to multiple circumstances he refuses to speak of, the majority of his family and he are not on speaking terms. He is currently the commander of the Jericho Army and the 1st Battalion Captain.

Ravage is seen as both a feared and widely respected presence at the Jericho Base. In typical Drakonian style, Ravage's comments are usually laconic in nature, as are his mannerisms. Ravage also has a fondness for alcoholic drinks and bar fights. Or fights in general. To the new rookie, Ravage is often hated for his harsh words and uncaring attitude, but nearly all veteran soldiers at Jericho can attest to the fierce loyalty and care he has for his troops.

Gifted with physical prowess and highly destructive magic, Ravage was born for the battlefield. Even among his Drakonii brethren, Ravage is considered to be unnaturally talented. His typical weapon of choice is the battle-axe. Ravage's battle style is simple, blunt and in-your-face. It is incorrect to assume there is no strategy involved; rather to pound you into the ground through brute force IS his strategy.


  • Gryffin - Ravage shares a vague father-son relationship with Gryffin, due to having known Gryff's father.


  • Ravage has a girlfriend/wife and a daughter
  • Ravage was buddies with Halo and Marten once
  • Ravage was once a member of the Parhelion Troop.
  • Ravage likes beer.