Official InformationEdit

(This is from an older version of the website. Info may no longer be accurate.)

Background unknown. Rai currently works as a mercenary.

A sardonic and blunt individual, Raitou keeps others at bay with his abrasive words and critical nature. He has little problem with committing morally questionable acts in the process of completing objectives, but whenever possible, will try to avoid casualties. Rai has an unintentional habit of stealing and keeping forks of various sizes. He also hates bananas and will literally throw up if forced to eat one.

Rai's decisiveness and quick thinking make him a valuable asset in battles. While a decent strategist at best, Rai is tactically adept and adapts himself to changes in the environment very easily. Rai has no preferred weapon, as he shows proficiency in many of them. He does however, have a sentimental attachment to dual katanas and giant forks.


  • Shadow - Shadow is Rai's cheerful counterpart, his moral compass, and constant companion.
  • Raine - Raine often has verbal clashes with Rai, due to their vastly differing opinions. Rai seems to hold an undeserved dislike of her.


  • Rai once had a girlfriend.
  • Rai was part of the Royal Army's 1st Squad when he was around 12-13. There he was known as Tiger and had a friend called Hare.
  • Rai likes forks
  • Rai hates bananas and little children
  • Rai has an infinity symbol tattoo
  • Rai has many scars on his face and back
  • Rai was part of a Rebel Army
  • Rai's right arm is a mechanical replica.It can function as an music player.
  • Some of the scars on Rai's back say 'uragirimono' in Katakana-letters, which means 'traitor'.
  • The name "Raitou" is also another codename. Rai's real name is unknown.
    • He has been known to have gone by many names in the past.
  • He had a loving mother. Supposedly.


  • Rai may have/had the ability to time-travel, as he is seen with the Shigen character Fuuya in official images and videos
  • Rai is the reincarnation of Uki.
  • Rai is the descendant of Niyou.
  • Rai is an Assassin's Guild member
  • Rai is a Shinigami
  • Rai is a descendant of Hakua
    • Hakua is a grown-up Rai
  • He and Shadow met when he found her in a garbage can.
  • He fell in a giant blender which is why he has scars all over his body and lost his arm.
  • Rai may have made a deal with Yuu in order, to go back in time to see Fuu or to travel in the future to take care of Fuu's 'descendant' as he was seen in one of the videos talking to a redhead who could've been Yuu.

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