Basic InformationEdit

(This is from an older version of the website. Info may no longer be accurate.)

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 8

Raine's parents died when she was quite young and she ended up being raised by her grandmother.

Incredibly patient, kind, and possessing a certain natural finesse about her, Raine seems to fit the Bairoku healer stereotype entirely. However, upon getting to know her, people often uncover a rather playful and feisty side to her personality. Raine has a love for knowledge and information, especially history or legends of the past.

If possible, Raine tends to stick to the sidelines using defensive maneuvers or supportive healing. However, if forced into battle, the Rokujin's barrier techniques can easily be adapted to offensive measures or used to impede and restrict enemy movement.


  • Gryffin - Having moved to Gryff's village at a young age, Raine became fast friends with Gryff and his siblings. It's a common joke within their circle of friends that they are more than "just friends" now.
  • Raitou - Raine often attempts to smooth out Raitou's prickly personality. Unfortunately, her attempts tend to fail.


  • Raine has a fondness for man-eating sunflowers and chrysanthemum tea.
  • Raine likes to read poetry.


  • Raine and Gryff have a romantic relationship.
  • Raine is a descendant of Tenrou, as they have similar hairstyles.
  • Raine is the descendant of the Akasha clan - maybe Tenrou and Wakagi
    • Or Kou. That makes more sense.

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