Nobu at age 19


Official InformationEdit

Name | Nobu 乃武
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 10
Style | Mid-range Magic
Specialty | Battle Axe

Nobu is an orphan from Argenfluo. He is a dedicated, strong-willed worker with an unwavering sense of pride and honor. His crabby frown and blunt way of speaking tends to intimidate people who don't know him well. He holds an old grudge against Ryuu and considers him his mortal rival, though the feeling is unreciprocated. Nobu wears the boar-shaped helmet of his first kill and wields a heavy battle axe with destructive force.


  • Nobu knew Ryuu before Ginsenkei - his old grudge is probably from that time
    • Nobu and Ryuu were formerly Ginsenkei's Unit 5. Their poor teamwork got them disbanded.
  • Nobu's nickname is "Buta", meaning pig. It is also a reference to his boar helmet.
  • Nobu smokes by Militia time. By this time, more than half of the original Ginsenkei members were either dead or had left the Ginsenkei, and by logic of this picture, he's probably doing it to honor someone. It being Iroki would be both doubtful and incredibly ironic.
  • Nobu has the most physical power in Ginsenkei after Gin
  • Nobu is a Ranger at some point in time
  • His two-toned hair is natural.
  • As an orphan before the Ginsenkei, you'd think his attitude towards food would be more like Haru and Ryuu's, but given he is rarely drawn in casual attire, there's little to absolutely no evidence of this.


  • Nobu and Toume have a romantic relationship
  • Nobu will have a fight to the death with Ryuu due to his grudge
  • Nobu's real birth name is actually Takeshi.
  • Lariat's fanon personality interpretation: the straight man.

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