Official InformationEdit

Niyou ニ葉

Nickname | Nyo
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 10

Niyou is a playful, cunning traveler and thief, as well as a trained assassin of the Lunar Corps.

Possessing a quick mind and even quicker hands, Nyo gets his daily meals by means of theft. He has a penchant for fish and shiny gold trinkets. Nyo's frequent travels bring him tidbits of knowledge on everything everywhere.

Swift and agile, Nyo can effectively utilize any object as a lethal weapon. He is a master of stealth who takes advantage of the element of surprise whenever he can. Nyo carries a pair of katars and an assortment of poisons.


Ryuu - Ryuu is Nyo's first true friend. The two habitually steal each other's possessions.

Tenrou - As children, Niyou and Tenrou underwent training together.


  • The kanji of his name together actually properly reads as "futaba" meaning "bud/sprout/two leaves" (not to mention, it's a common given name for girls with either spelling). However, his name is just alternative kanji for the common spelling (双葉) but nontheless mean the same.
  • Niyou is a kleptomaniac
  • He was taken away from his family at the age of three and grew up (along with Tenrou) in the Lunar Corps Underground since.
  • Niyou gives one earring to Ryuu at some point in time
  • Niyou and Ryuu exchange bandanas at some point in time
  • Niyou is 5th Seat of the Guild at some point in time
  • Neither he nor Ryuu can remember how they first met.
  • Niyou's bandana bears a variation of the Lunar Corps emblem
  • Niyou always wears a necklace with a gold leaf-shaped ornament - it matches Uki's


  • Niyou may kill Ryuu, as seen in the picture Drive
    • Uki dresses up as Nyo and may kill Ryuu.
  • Niyou's hair and eyes are similar to Raitou's
    • Rai may be a descendant of Niyou
    • Rai is the reincarnation of Niyou
    • Rai is Nyo. Nyo is younger version of Rai.
    • Nyo is also shown to have lost his right arm at some point in the story
  • Niyou is extremely similar to the Tamago twins
    • They may be reincarnations of Niyou
    • Niyou is their triplet brother
  • Niyou and Ukyou share similar hair, eyes, and birthyears. They also wear similar necklaces. They may be twins.
  • Nyo's name means "Two Leaves" which may hint to the fact that the Tamagos are his descendants, and he is one of them reincarnated (Kyuusei, most likely)
  • Niyou's necklace is also similar to the leaf on Cross' hat. He and Cross may be connected.
  • Niyou may not even know of Uki's existence.