Official InformationEdit

Naebi 苗微

Nickname | Bean, Ebi
Gender | Female
Birthyear | Wayward 10

Naebi grew up on the streets of Argenfluo. She is a pirate on the ship Sorazame.

Lively and cheerful, Naebi makes friends with ease. She has a quick temper when teased about her (lack of) height. She has a weakness for all sweet foods, particularly ice-cream.

Naebi is believed to be a half-blooded Talon. She is gifted with a high affinity for water, and also holds minor control over earth. Naebi carries an axe-like weapon called the Rinka (輪花).


Kaizu - Kaizu is Naebi's younger twin brother. Naebi bosses him around, but is very protective of him.

Ryuu - Ryuu and Naebi are childhood friends with a sibling-like relationship. Naebi often drags Ryuu around to keep her company as he never refuses.

Fuu - Naebi finds Fuu endearing but maddening. She tries her best to keep Fuu safe and clean.

Kitsuno - Kitsuno and Naebi are constantly teasing each other and often bicker about stupid things.

Cain - Naebi accepts Cain despite his psychopathy, and enjoys the fun times she has in his company.


  • In an older update of the site, it was stated that Naebi and Kaizu were rescued from slave traders
  • Naebi spelled backwards is I-Bean
  • "Ebi" means "shrimp" in Japanese.
  • Naebi's red hair is dyed. Her natural hair color is most likely black due to her Talon blood.
    • Both her and Kaizu's eyes have changed from orange to red during recent development, possibly to hint at the same reason of why their natural hair color is black.
  • According to some old manga pages, a younger Naebi and Kaizu were saved from freezing by a boy, either Cain or Kitsuno
  • Naebi is popular among boys.
    • In fact, for the majority of the story, Naebi's friends circle mostly consists of boys whereas the only girl(s) in there are Fuu and possibly Kou (by association, because of her friendship with Hyouki).
  • Naebi's cat hat was a gift.
  • Naebi doesn't like milk. It's probably why she's so short.


  • As a half-Talon, Naebi's Talon markings are invisible until she uses magic.
  • Naebi and Cain may have a romantic relationship.
  • Mikichi is Naebi (and Kaizu)'s half-brother
  • Naebi's reincarnation is Aurora
  • Naebi was in a relationship with Manari before the siege, according to "Your Guardian Angel" video
  • Naebi (and Kaizu) are shown to have red hair even as young children. Their hair may have been dyed by someone else to conceal their Talon heritage.

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