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  • Parashi will be called something else if/when it is published. The creators have a name in mind but won't share it.


  • If the stats match between the characters (see character profiles on the website), then there is some sort of connection, whether it be descendent or reincarnation.
  • Kamekamos actually have this special ability called "Kamekamoha" (can be written as かめかも波 or 亀鴨波); it's like a small version of a Kamehameha shooting out of their mouths/beaks. This is useful in combat and sometimes as last resorts, so Ryuu has one because of that usefulness, so he won't have to exert so much energy in battle.
  • There is such a snack food called "Banatakoyaki". It's takoyaki with banana octopi.
    • There are also other aquatic creatures that resemble bananas.
  • The inifinty symbol has something to do with reincarnation.