Official InformationEdit


Name | Masatora 正虎
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 9
Style | Close-range Melee
Specialty | Cleaver, Claws

Tora comes from the Hiwa Sector; his father served as a Typhos. He is a serious, disciplined individual, and is meticulous when it comes to following orders. Tora adapts quickly to changing situations, and is proficient with many weapons. He typically carries a cleaver and shield or dons a set of claws.


  • "Tora" means tiger in Japanese
  • Masatora wears a dogtag
  • Masatora's Ginsenkei roommate is Enya.


  • Masatora swears to protect Ayalla - picture
  • Masatora and Shion will someday have a duel - picture

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