Known InformationEdit

  • Marten is the Captain of Jericho Army's Battalion 2 (Black Ops Battalion).
  • Marten is likely his codename. His real name is unknown.
  • Marten uses butterfly swords.
  • Marten comes from the Ookami Clan.
  • Has a very good poker face.


  • Marten likes to carve things out of wood
  • A "marten" is an animal related to the wolverine and weasel
  • Marten was friends with Ravage and Halo.
  • Marten likes fish and seafood
  • Marten knows Sable (evidenced here)


  • Marten is Aurora's father - they have the same eyes and hair colors
    • Unlikely though, as Marten would have been thirteen when he fathered her were this true. (This may change as Marten's official birthdate is still subject to change.)