These are the characters of the main cast that are largely focused upon in the story


Ryuuto (main article)

The main hero of the story. Born and raised in the canal city of Argenfluo, having grown up as a street thief. Very smart, but also very lazy.


Fuuya (main article)

A mentally retarded girl with a mind of a four-year-old and an obsessive love of bananas. Constantly at Ryuu's side since they first met and is considered a "pet" to him. However, beyond these, there is this cloud of mystery that shrouds her.


Naebi (main article)

Ryuu's childhood friend from their thief crew days, now roaming the world as a pirate of the Sorazame crew. She's friendly and outgoing, loves sweets (especially ice cream), and obsesses over her hair and its care. You can easily push her buttons by just making fun of her (lack of) height.


Kitsuno (main article)

A runaway prince of the Hiwano Clan of the Hiwa Sector. He has since lived in the freezing region of the North, living with Shin and his family.


Shinnosuke (main article)

As Fuwajin, he and his family are outlawed, hiding in the freezing region of the North. He and Kitsuno are close friends and considers him a part of his family.


Haruto (main article)

Ryuu's older overbearing, overprotective brother and was once a street thief like him. He's a cheerful and fun-loving guy who has a natural charm of attracting people to him, and is a friendship freak. He usually puts others' happiness before his own, making his friends worry about him not taking care of himself well.


Niyou (main article)

A kleptomanic Lunar Corps soldier who steals his daily meals and has a love of gold. In fact, their love of stealing is how he and Ryuu became friends in the first place. Nyo has the incredible luck of being hard to catch and punished by his superiors.