Official InformationEdit

Name | Kuroga / 黒牙

Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 8
Style | Long-range Combination
Specialty | Illusions

Kuroga grew up in Argenfluo, raised by Souji's parents. He possesses a naturally cool composure, rarely letting anything bother him and never losing his temper. He considers the Ginsenkei his "family" and continually looks out for them all. Kuroga wields a rope-dart and is able to create midair illusions. He always wears a zippered bandanna and dotes on a pet catmeleon he calls "Sansan".


  • Kuroga's Ginsenkei roommate is Souji
  • Kuroga has air magic which he uses to cast illusions (using air to bend and compress light to make illusions)
  • Kuroga is a 'chick magnet'.
  • His name means "black fang"
  • Kuroga knew Souji and Senma before joining Ginsenkei


  • Kuroga dies and Enya takes care of his catmeleon thereafter - this picture
  • Kuroga is reincarnated as Halo - both have a zipper bandana
    • Kuroga is Halo's ancestor
  • He was probably named after Kurobe by his (probably) adoptive father in his memory.