Known InformationEdit

  • Kurobe is a member of the Rangers.
  • Munemoto is his partner, as is another person who is, as of yet, unknown.
  • He smokes.
  • He has the same hair/eye colors as Shin and thus is likely to be a Fuwajin.


  • His other partner is Toume.
  • His other partner is Senma.
    • Or, if he is a Perennial Era character, then his other partner is actually Senma's dad, back when his father was in charge of the organization, assuming the Rangers is a family-run organization.
  • Both he and Munemoto might actually be Perennial Era characters. The outlawing of the Fuwa Sector incident is very recent by the time of possibly Wayward 5-10, giving an appropriate time for Kurobe, a Fuwajin, to be allowed in the Rangers, not raising any eyebrows.
  • His name kanji is 黒部