Official InformationEdit

Kou 亢
Gender | Female
Birthyear | Wayward 8
Rank | Shirome

Kou is an elite Akasha. She is a master of energy deflection and is nearly invulnerable against magic attacks. A bit of an outcast among her own class, Kou often travels outside of the Akasha district Caelum, meeting and befriending various people on these journeys, including the outlaw Tenrou and the pirate Hyouki. She has an incurable weakness for anything cute.


  • Kou has slitted blue eyes. Slitted eyes are a trait of the Akasha clan.
  • Kou is a Division Captain of the Militia at some point in time - picture
    • She is the only one who was not a past member of Ginsenkei
  • "Kou" is not her real name. Her real name is unknown.


  • Kou and Yuu may be a romantic couple
    • But Nuri once stated "Kou did not know Yuu"
  • Kou and Tenrou may be a romantic couple
  • Kou dies during the story - picture
  • Kou knows Iroki and/or Wakagi