Official InformationEdit

[Kishigi] 黄鴫
Real name | Chisa 千颯
Gender | Female
Position | Sniper

Kishigi is an expert user of the longbow. She is blithe but willful and has a vindictive streak. Kishigi gets along unexpectedly well with the eccentric Kakariki. Due to her long-ranged abilities and sharp eye, she often rides in the crow's nest as a lookout.


  • Kishigi means "yellow snipe" (as in the bird).
  • Kishigi has facial markings and shoulder markings as part of the uniform of the Karura crew.
  • Kishigi is good at handling kids.
  • As an archer, because her chest guard is on her right side, this shows that Kishigi is left-handed.


  • Kishigi is Senma and Takema's mother.
    • They both have the same hair color and similar hairstyle
    • They are both left-handed
    • They share the same first character of their names (千). This is significant, since name patterns in the ParaShiverse usually indicate character relation/connection.
    • It could explain why Senma and Souji are family friends, since she and Kakariki (who could be Souji's father) are good friends with each other. Especially when all four of them are archers. Alternatively, it may be because Chisa is the wife of the Rangers Chief, the man who was possibly the third 'partner' of Munemoto and Kurobe.