Official InformationEdit

[Kakariki] カカリキ


Real name | Unknown

Gender | Male

Position | Sniper

Kakariki is a skilled sniper and a master of the catapult. He typically appears clueless and chatters incessantly to himself or his bird-like pet in a deadpan voice. Considered bizarre even among the crew, Kakariki is often the subject of jokes.


  • Kakariki is a species of parrot
  • Kakariki is usually seen with his walrus-hawk, Monzaemon, perched upon on his shoulder.
    • Monzaemon's name (門左衛門) is probably a reference to the famous Japanese dramatist, Chikamatsu Monzaemon (近松門左衛門 - in the same order).
  • Unlike the rest of the crew, he does not have the markings that are custom to the Karura crew, mostly because he is stated to be lazy and probably did not care for them.
  • Kakariki plays a shamisen and likes carrying it around with him.
  • Kakariki likes chewing on cinnamon sticks.


  • Kakariki is Souji's father
    • At least, Nuri said he's related to Souji