Official InformationEdit

Kaizu / 海津
Nickname | Chibimo
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 10

Kaizu is a former thief from Argenfluo and a Ranger. He is the twin brother of Naebi and his Ranger partner is Takema.

Kaizu is a docile, even-tempered boy. He dislikes strife and most often chooses compliance to avoid conflict. Unlike his sister, Kaizu is happy with his short stature and enjoys being coddled. He loves Batbits and other cuddly animals.

Kaizu is believed to be a half-blooded Talon with minor affinity to Fire and Air, allowing him to create heat from his hands. On his own, he developed his ability into a whole new skill and becomes the first known user of electricity, able to generate it when he grabs his metal bow with both hands. Like all Rangers, Kaizu is also a competent archer.


  • Naebi - Naebi is Kaizu's older twin sister. Kaizu highly respects her and is extremely submissive to her.
  • Takema - Takema is Kaizu's Ranger partner and constant companion.


  • Kaizu is the first user of electricity
  • Kaizu's fauxhawk was styled by Naebi. The red color is dyed.
    • As Naebi was the one who styled his hair, she is also very obsessed with her brother's grooming of his hair. As a result, out of habit and fear of his sister, Kaizu grooms his hair daily.
  • Kaizu likes to eat sweets and fruits.


  • Kaizu is the father of the Pantheras Clan, who use electricity
  • Kaizu is the ancestor of Cake - they both have mohawks