Official InformationEdit


Name | Iroki / 色木
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 10
Style | Close-range Magic
Specialty | Barriers, Surgery

Iroki comes from an Akasha family of healers; his cousin is Wakagi. He is a kind, peaceful boy who lives by his own moral code. Often he returns to battle sites to heal surviving enemies' wounds. Iroki is able to cast barriers, heal minor wounds, and has incredible magic precision that allows him to perform internal surgery without the use of tools. He is hopelessly butterfingered with anything physical. When not on duty, he frequently helps out in the Ginsenkei Infirmary.


  • Iroki's name 色木 means "colored tree" or "colored wood"
  • Names ending in (木) ki/gi is a tradition in Iroki and Wakagi's family
  • Iroki is Ryuu's roommate and best friend in Ginsenkei
  • Iroki is known to grow lots of plants


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