Official InformationEdit

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Codename: Inferno

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 15

Inferno was born on the Kitsune continent, located in the Outer Limits. Because of his dual-personality, Inferno was chased out of his village and eventually found himself on a ship to the Midrealms. Along the way, he met Aurora and Blitz and they formed Trifecta.

Inferno is a reserved and silent individual, often choosing time alone rather than the company of others. This is due in part to the fact that his secondary personality creates blanks in his memories, often leaving him in disasterous situations in which peaceful solutions are not easily found. Inferno is also highly intelligent and actually spends great amounts of time thinking alone.

Inferno has a supreme mastery of all types of projectiles. When given a choice, Inferno chooses to provide long-range support, as that is his forte. Inferno also typically adheres to the sniper's creed: "One shot. One kill." When faced with close-combat, Inferno defaults to daggers. Inferno also tends to strategize heavily and trap his opponents, rather than defeat them through strength alone.


  • Aurora - Inferno enjoys Aurora's cheerful nature and is never a grudging participant in her outings and adventures.
  • Blitzen - As opposite as their personalities are, Inferno and Blitz get along perfectly fine, providing perfect teamwork in their 3-man group.


  • Inferno wears dogtags
  • Inferno has blue markings on the right side of his face
  • Anything frozen will immediately melt should Inferno get near it. Like ice cream, for example.
  • His magic affinity is both Fire and Earth.


  • Inferno's secondary personality is Cain
    • Inferno is a descendant or reincarnation of Cain
    • Evidence: Inferno's secondary personality is a psychopathic pyromaniac. It could be the reason for why Inferno has Fire magic affinity along with Earth. Look at that, it just screams Cain, as if he were saying, "Hey, it's me, the awesome, mighty, and all-around perfect Cain, back from the dead, after taking over some dude's body"
  • Inferno is the reincarnation of Souji
    • Inferno is a descendant of Souji and Tsuyu
  • Inferno and Aurora have a romantic relationship
  • The markings on Inferno's face may be outcast markings.