Known InformationEdit


A younger Hiramori

Name: Hiramori 平守

Birthyear: Perennial 30

  • Hiramori is the Guildmaster
  • He is surrogate father to some of the Guild members, including Eian, Junne, Enya, and Nashiki
  • He has light green hair and red eyes.
  • His weapon of choice is probably a pitchfork - he has influenced Nashiki in this aspect
  • His kasa has 5 clasps, so he was/is 1st Seat of the Guild at some point in time.
  • There is a Talos emblem on his back.


  • The characters of his name means "peace" and "protection".


  • He was friends with Tatsumaki and Saha - they were guildmates of the same generation

Hiramori with a young Junne

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