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Codename: Zephyr

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 10

Gryffin was born to a Gryphos family and grew up in a neutral village, located south of the Gryphos capital. He has two siblings. Gryffin was named after his own clan, in the hopes that he would live up to the clan's great legacy.

Currently, Gryffin is employed as a soldier serving in the Offensive Battalion of the Jericho Base.

Gryffin is an honest and gentle individual. Usually exuding a pleasant aura, he always has time for anyone and everyone. Gryffin is never one to let others down and always strives to find the solution in which everybody is happy, even if it means compromising his own happiness along the way. While never outwardly showing it, Gryffin actually despises being called by his full name and prefers "Gryff".

Trained to use an assortment of basic weaponry, Gryff feels most comfortable with polearms, such as lances or javelins. Often the first to rush out onto the battlefield, Gryff often acts as the initial offensive force, while others support and protect him from behind. Gryff fights best in "crowd control" situations as opposed to specialized one-on-one duels, as his stamina allows for long battles.


  • Raine - Gryffin and Raine were childhood friends and grew up in the same village.
  • Ravage - Gryffin belongs to Ravage's Battalion and greatly admires his commander's abilities.


  • Gryff has read a variety of books that he can recite by heart.
  • Gryff is capable of writing backwards, a skill he learned specifically to communicate with Blood.


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