Official InformationEdit

Name | Gin / 銀
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 8
Style | Close-range Combat
Specialty | Weighted Boxing

Gin originates from a nomadic tribe of silver and jade workers. A dreamer and a romantic, he is a lighthearted boy who loves recounting myths and tales passed down his tribe. In his spare time, he carves at a jade ring for his fiancée at home. Gin fights barehanded, wearing a set of heavy brass rings down each arm and using their weight to add damage to his strikes.


  • Gin's name (銀) means "silver". It's also a girl's name.
  • Gin's fiancée's name is Tsuyu
  • Gin's Ginsenkei roommate and best friend is Haru
  • Gin sings and plays musical instruments
  • Gin wears big silver loop earrings
  • Gin has the most physical strength out of all Ginsenkei soldiers, even beating out Nobu. He is described as a "glass cannon"
  • Gin's favorite color is green and favorite season is Spring


  • Gin died during his Ginsenkei days
    • His jade ring is seen around Haru's neck in some pictures.
    • In the Ginsenkei video, he is seen very bloody and his teammates are sad.
    • In the Ginsenki video, Haru is seen cutting his hair and throwing into a fire, honoring someone that died, which is probably Gin.
    • He is also seen going to see Tsuyu and looking sad.
  • Gin faked his own death
  • Gin is secretly a girl (this has been confirmed untrue)