Official InformationEdit

Name: Enya / 煙也

Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 9
Style | Close/Mid-range Combination
Specialty | Elemental Magic

Guild Position | 2nd Seat

Enya is of partial elf descent. Passionate but impulsive, Enya has a tendency not to think things through. He is spirited and curious, easily excited and easily bored. He speaks candidly and has a naive view of the world due to his rural upbringing. Enya wields the four elements with a natural ease, in combination with his wakizashi. He is an agile, offense-based fighter who epitomizes the combination of magic and melee combat.


  • Enya likes to draw faces on Kuroga's bandana
  • Enya often draws and wields his wakizashi blade-side-down
  • Enya is left-handed
  • Enya is a member of the Guild
  • He has a rivalry with both Tora and Eian.
  • He likes to eat pastries and play with Kuroga's catmeleon
  • He carves and sculpts little figurines
  • His name means "to be(come) smoke".
  • Junne is his older sister.


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