Official InformationEdit

[Cuckoo] クックー
Real name | Cyra サイラ
Gender | Female
Position | Crew

Cuckoo is a senile old lady, as sane as her name implies. Intrusive and opinionated, she is happy to give a good slap to anyone who dares cross her. Cuckoo is more often off traveling on her own than aboard the ship. Back in her younger years, she was the legendary "Corona of Hiwa".


  • Cuckoo is a species of bird
  • A corona is the plasma ring given off by the Sun or other celestial body
  • Corona means "crown" in Latin
  • Cuckoo is one of the handful of characters introduced by name so far that has yet to have official art of them. Though others are because of spoiler reasons, one of the reasons (if not only) Nuri hasn't drawn her yet is due to her inability to draw elderly people.


  • Cuckoo is a Hiwajin
  • Cuckoo is Cain's grandmother
  • Cuckoo is the reason Cain acts like a jerk
  • Assuming her old age, she was probably born in the unidentified era (labeled simply as "???") before the Perennial Era.