Known InformationEdit

We'd show you him with his eyes open, but that wouldn't be any fun.

Kana Render





Wayward 5 (?)


Mid-Range Combat




Ginsenkei - Unit 1 Leader
Guild - 5th Seat

He appears in both Shigen and Shift.

Cross supposedly came from a commoner family from Argenfluo. He is a friend of Ryuu's thief crew and they call him "Aniki". Cross is also a Ginsenkei soldier and the leader of Unit 1.

Cross is a mysterious, secretive person with a perpetual smiling face that is impossible to read. He regularly annoys his companions with cryptic messages and unanswered riddles. Cross owns a vast assortment of whimsical hats and likes to wear a different one every day.

Cross wields a large, circular bladed boomerang which doubles as a metal shield. Cross doesn't appear to possess any elemental power.


  • Cross' name used to be Tsuji, which roughly translates to "crossroads"
  • Cross is worshipped by Fuu as the banana-god
  • There is a leaf-shaped object on the ring on the end of Cross' hat


  • Cross gets reincarnated immediately when he dies and is living in his own time loop
  • Cross is the "Guardian"
  • Cross is lying about his birthyear and is actually immortal
  • Cross is Manari from the future
  • Cross can time-travel
  • Cross is a spy for the royal family
  • Cross is the protector of time
  • Cross is Halo's son
    • As such, he is likely to possess the prodigious strength wielded by all drakonians.
  • Cross is Hare
  • Cross is Manari's descendent
  • Cross is in some manner related to Uki and Nyo (Uki and Nyo have twin leaf necklaces, and Cross has a gold leaf hanging off his signature hat, despite what this very old picture will tell you. Gathered from Nuri's formspring and conversations with Nuri)