The Parashi world is largely occupied by hybrid animals and fictional creatures.


a old diagram of some creatures by Nuri

Creatures mentioned so far:

  • bananatopus - banana + octopus
    • Bananatopi are considered 'sacred' in Shift. Especially by seafarers (pirates in particular).
  • catmeleon - cat + chameleon
    • Kuroga owns a catmeleon named Sansan
  • aho - black and snakelike, slimy, feeds on hair
  • forsh - fish + horse, carnivorous, can't breath underwater
  • Lump
  • tu-lip - tulip + lips
  • paddlefish
  • kamekamo - turtle + duck
    • Ryuu might have a pet kamekamo
  • gatorbug - aligator + bug
  • man-eating sunflower
    • Raine loves man-eating sunflowers
  • hawken - chicken + hawk
  • raccat - raccoon + cat
  • tigrolf - tiger + wolf
  • karakasa - umbrella-demon from folklore
    • Tenrou carries a karakasa everywhere
  • batbits - bat + rabbit
    • batbits are Kaizu's favorite animal
  • Plungerfish - Plunger + Fish
  • Sea Forsh - Sea horse + Fish
  • There is an unnamed creature with an ability equal to that of a camera
  • Walrus-hawk - a creature that resembles a miniature walrus. It may be in the same hawk family as the hawken in ParaShiverse's taxonomy.
    • Kakariki has one of these creatures as a pet and calls it Monzaemon
  • feel free to add to the list!

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