Official InformationEdit

(This is from an older version of the website. Info may no longer be accurate.)

Real name: Bob

Codename: Cake

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 10

The youngest of three children, Bob was constantly overshadowed by his overachieving brother and sister. Pushed by his mother to make something of himself, Bob eventually joins the Jericho Army.

Cake is a passive and agreeable person. He seldom enjoys "tipping the boat" and will follow along with most people's opinions. Most people see Cake as a bit of an oddball, an image he's perfectly fine with. Questions about his mask are usually deflected with a silly joke or reply. Cake is also an avid gamer, spending most of his sleeping hours on games. Oddly enough, his free time is entirely devoted to training battle techniques, despite being a gatekeeper.


Ravage - Bob tries his best to avoid interactions with Ravage, as conversations between the two tend to take a serious turn to topics he'd rather not discuss.

Gryffin/Raine - Familiarity between them and Bob suggests that they are more than just casual acquaintances.


  • Cake is an avid gamer. He also likes to draw and watch cartoons.
    • Cake draws the faces on his mask
  • The codename "Cake" is a reference to the game Portal ("The cake is a lie.")
  • Cake can write upside down.
  • Cake guards the gate at Jericho


  • Cake's ancestor is Kaizu - they both have mohawks
  • Cake's ancestor is Ryuu - they both have brown hair