Official Information
Rsz 4hiwano by nuriko kun-d485i1s

Gender | Female
Birthyear | Wayward 12
Style | Mid-range Magic
Specialty | Fire Magic

Ayalla is a princess of the Hiwa Sector and Cain's younger sister. She grew up largely ignored by her family and mostly raised by coddling servants. Unsociable and introverted, she tends to act cold, aloof, and self-absorbed, and is prone to ignore people she deems unimportant.


  • "Ayalla" is a hebrew name meaning "doe"
  • Cain is her older brother
  • Rouka and Kitsuno are her half-siblings
  • She is loyal to her closest friends: Wakagi and Toume.
  • Nuri calls her a (maybe) tsundere, even though her general attitude stated in her profile seems more fit for a kuudere. She must have gotten it from her brother.


  • Ayalla seems close to Masatora
  • Ayalla and Masatora will be a couple

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