Official InformationEdit

[Akatonbi] 赤鳶
Real name | Unknown
Gender | Female
Position | Captain

Akatonbi is a highly wanted outlaw and a public enemy of the Talos Clan. She is infamous for being involved in a great assault on Arka that had caused severe damage to the city, and has evaded capture for over a decade since. She is rumoured to be able to fly.

She is the Captain of the Karura Pirates.


  • Akatonbi means "red kite" (as in the bird Kite)
  • Akatonbi has black markings on her face and red markings on her shoulders
  • Akatonbi has slitted red eyes like those of an elf
  • Akatonbi is seen kissing Shin in this picture


  • Akatonbi is Tatsumaki
    • her ability to fly can be credited to wind abilities
    • their hairstyles are similar
    • she wears a crescent earring like Tatsumaki's and Shin's
  • Akatonbi is Saha - they both have brown hair and the hairstyles are somewhat similar (short hair being down while long(er) hair is being tied up and her (what's assumed to be) bangs stick out a bit on the sides)
  • Akatonbi is Kawasemi